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From Andrew Glover (AKA Dagor77):

"... Carol has been fixing my ratty, ancient, filthy, rare, common, unworkable, and annoying shutters for years. It seems that I have a shutter that needs some work about every week and every week Carol manages to fix yet another unrepairable piece of machinery! Old shutters, new shutters there is no end to her repairing talent...!"


From Bob Fowler:

"... This may be difficult to believe if you've never dealt with independent NY area "repair" shops, but...

  1. They promise delivery in 2 to 3 weeks and it takes 2 to 3 months.

  2. They never give you a heads up if your repair is going to take longer than promised.

  3. 50% of the time, the repair isn't right and it has to go back again.

  4. They quote you a rate (base rate around here for a 35mm body CLA is $150.00, a large format shutter runs $75 and up) and ALWAYS find a way to bump up the bill, WAY up (even if they didn't replace any parts).

  5. They take the attitude that by just looking at what you bring in, that they are doing you a favor and you owe them your first born male child.

  6. If you have something that's in any way unusual, such as a 100 year old shutter, you've got a better chance of seeing a pig fly than the chance of them taking your repair.

  7. If, by some miracle, they DO take your unusual item in for repair, they transform it into junk.

  8. They are generally surly individuals with no sense of humor.

  9. Most of them hate cats. 

OK, I might have made up number 9, but even if I didn't, YOU don't fall into any of those categories. I place a premium on craftsmanship and ethics, two things that are sorely missing in the greater NY area. I'm a professional shooter, so I'm dead in the water without reliable gear. The excellent job you did on the Synchro Compur for my 180mm and the Seikosha for my 90mm helps make it possible for me to give my customers the best quality images I can deliver. If you've ever shot transparency film with an erratic shutter, you know how important good service work is to the final image. The fact that you were even WILLING to tackle the Century shutter I sent you, much less that you got it working reliably, just blows my mind! The last time I sent a large format shutter out to a local guy... well, you've seen the results (it's that size 0 Synchro Compur that's in with the pile of parts I sent you)... he trashed it AND charged me for the privilege. Another local "repair" shop managed to destroy the rangefinder of a Leica IIIF. Needless to say, I was rather upset.  Back in 2002, one of my Nikon FM bodies went to Mack camera (the guys who sell the used camera warranties at stores like B&H) for a CLA because the AI tab follower on the body was sticking. Four months later, the body comes back. Not only was the CLA not done, the AI tab follower was still stuck. They never touched it except to put it in a plastic bag, fill out a bill for $150.00, and ship it back to the store. 

So anyway, I hope that explains what I meant by "for all you've done for me"—and that's not even mentioning that you're a delightful person to correspond with. 

See, it's really very simple..."

From Frank Adamo (Albania):

"... I've used Flutot's more than once and they are great! Quality service and good prices along with friendly communication. Highly recommended...!"-

From Nathan Smith:

"...Carol is a joy to deal with simply because it's obvious she cares as much about your shutter as you do and will do whatever it takes to restore it to working condition. Moreover, she'll take the time to ensure that it's calibrated properly and reliable. Many repairman, er, repair-persons, can simply make it work - and afterwards you may spend countless hours happily clicking the shutter ... and then wondering why, after all your careful calculations, the image is improperly exposed. Carol makes sure it works accurately and consistently—and at a reasonable price.

Thanks Carol...!"

From Bob Gentile:

"... I got my shutter back today and it's as smooth as can be! When I sent it to you, it was frozen solid. You could have given me the story about how you ran into problems and that's why the repair cost three times as much—and I would have believed you and still would have been happy with your prices. But you didn't do that.

Your workmanship is outstanding, Carol. But your integrity means even more to me...!"

From Paul Cassidy:

"... as a retired photographer I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you how Flutot's Camera has been helping me over the past year. I think I am getting ready to mail them my sixth lens for their CLAC services.

I use large format lenses with leaf shutters which are great timing devices but because I really like some of the older lens designs, the time pieces just like a fine watch, tend to gum up and begin to become unreliable. Some decide to come to a complete halt when they reach the warm humid air of Florida!

Last fall I had put one of my finest lenses on an old 5x7 field camera when I went to move the camera the tension spring did not hold and the lens and it took a short drop put fortunately landed on the corner of the lens board. Luckily the only harm that occurred to my 210mm Symmar was that a bit of barrel paint was knocked loose and landed smack in the middle of the lens between the elements of the rear lens optics. Flutot's note only CLAC'd my lens but cleaned all the debris and touched up the paint on the barrel surface. Now that is service!

Finally, I can not tell you how many times I have walked up to the front of one of my various field cameras and smile as I reviewed the printed test output of the accurate shutter speeds! Let's face it time and use cause wear and these old lenses need tune-ups on a regular basis if you want them to be consistently reliable.

So that is why I have decided to give credit where credit is due! Flutot's has been taking great care of my service needs and I recommend you let them be your camera service center too..."

From Philippe Bedfert:

"...Very good, very reasonable $$, very nice people..."

"...I very much appreciate the work of Carol Miller and I was fortunate to be (her) first overseas customer. There are not so many repair shops in Europa, specially for old shutters. Most of the repairmen are retired that's why I have sent my shutter to Carol..."

From Dave Rodenbaugh:

"... And yet another for Carol. She recently completed repair to a Prontor shutter on my 75mm and restored it to full health.

Props to Carol—her service and prices can't be beat..."

From Scott Bacon:

"... Flutot's Camera provides excellent service with friendly and knowledgeable communication. Doing business with Flutot's is simply a pleasure! I frequently recommend Flutot's to my photographer friends..."

From Vincent James Limongelli:

"... Carol's repair work is the best. I have been a commercial/fine art photographer for 25 years, I work with the biggest names in the music business and I am very choosy as to who works on my cameras.

"Carol's lens repair work is excellent; she is a stickler for detail and I appreciate that. You can always count on your equipment working properly after service!! And her prices are downright reasonable!!

"Also, there is a free of charge, great sense of humor thrown in with each repair. Truly a breath of fresh air!

"I like Flutot's camera repair place!! You will too..!"

From Juergen Sattler:

"...I restore old Large Format Cameras as a hobby and frequently have the need to get shutters cleaned, adjusted and lubricated. Carol of Flutot’s camera has gone out of her way to help me on some of the more challenging issues I have had with these shutters. Customer Service is Carol’s number one priority. There is no better place to get your shutters repaired...!"

From John Dix (Dixie) Birr ( Ireland):

"... For those of you who believe the toadies on eBay that say 'the shutter is ok' and end up with problems. All is not lost ! I sent my tired shutters to Carol Miller at Flutot's Camera Repair in California. The care and quality of work is outstanding. I only wish she could service my dodgy heart...!"

From Ron Stowell:

"... Received the Shutter today and was amazed at the performance after having been CLA'd

I will be sending more shutters for this service as time and money allow. Again, many thanks..."

From Tom Hoskinson:

"... For camera shutter repair work, I highly recommend Carol Miller at Flutot's Camera Repair in Whittier, California. The quality and thoroughness of Carol's work on my shutters has been outstanding!

Carol has successfully Cleaned, Lubricated, Adjusted and Repaired a large variety of Large Format camera shutters for me, some of which were basket cases (like my enormous Betax).

Thank you Carol...!"
From F. Robert Wesley:

"... Carol offers the best, the fastest and the most inexpensive CLA's of large format leaf shutters that I have found. She provides personal service with great communication and periodic updates on the progress of a repair in difficult cases..."

From Michael McClellan

"... I know I am not telling many of you anything new here, but I just wanted to "blow the horn" for Carol Flutot of Flutot's Camera Repair. I found out about her service on APUG, took your sound advice, and sent off an old Schneider lens to her for repair and cleaning.

Not only did she do a super job on every single thing I asked her to do (including getting a replacement rear lens cap for me), but the price was surprisingly reasonable, she was in constant e-mail contact with me while I was travelling, and while I got back to Ireland the lens was waiting for me, ready to go!

I cannot recommend Carol's work strongly enough. If you need some premiere service done quickly at a reasonable price, then you won't miss by engaging Flutot's Camera Repair...!"

From Pete Watkins

"... Many thanks, the shutter arrived this morning, I fitted the lens and went straight out to photograph an open day at a steam venue. It's perfect. Thanks again, the quality of service that you offer is unknown in the U.K. these days..."

From Carsten Wolff (Australia)

"... Flutot's are the best! Carol is a great communicator and has done a wonderful job on my old shutters. I've been always kept up to date, the jobs a first rate, not overpriced and don't take ages either.

I'm in Australia, but have no hesitation sending them to California, knowing that they will be in good hands. I can only recommend Flutot's and Carol in particular. Sensational service from someone who actually cares about their work and their customers. Two thumbs up. Thank you, Carol...!"

From Chuan Wei (Australia)

'"... The shutter service by Carol Miller is highly recommended for a premium quality job, timely turnover, and friendly communications.

The repair work done by Carol makes it possible for the special optical characteristics of vintage lenses to be honestly reflected in images. A lot of vintage shutters are revived through her hands. In this regard she is both a distinguished mechanic/doctor and preserver of historic legacy.

Nearly all of my most acclaimed photos in publication were produced taking advantage of the accuracy and consistent performance of shutters serviced by Carol. You will feel more confident to produce successful images, whether for commercial or private purposes, by using shutters serviced by her..."

From Kirby Lee

"... First-time customer, and I was very impressed by Carol's fine work. She recently repaired my Copal #3 shutter. As soon as she received it, she did a quick inspection and let me know that a replacement part was needed beyond the usual CLAC. It was comforting to see that she paid attention to details and could quickly identify problems.

I received the shutter back, and Carol even included a small index card for me to confirm the actual speeds vs. nominal speeds for my shutter. Very useful! I value and have great confidence in Carol's quality work.

In sum, the repair was quick, very reasonably priced, and Carol was always pleasant and thorough in communication. I would recommend Carol to all and will send my equipment to her for repair and maintenance in the future. Thanks, Carol...!"

From Jonathan Brewer

"... Now that I have a few moments at my computer, I can sit here and thank my lucky stars I found out about you, and got you to work on the Studio shutter of my Pinkham & Smith Semi Achromatic, Series III, Number III. This lens had been neglected over the years, had been thrown in a junk bin somewhere, and left there to corrode, along with its shutter; it was in bad shape. You were my last hope in getting the piston to work so I could not only use the aperture, but the shutter itself, with a release bulb. Up until you fixed the Studio shutter, I was intending to spend quite a bit of money buying a Packard shutter, and you saved me the money I would've spent on the Packard. I'm very appreciative of that Carol.

One more thing to all, even though Carol quoted me a very reasonable price, she kept at it until the shutter was fixed. That kind of a gesture is very impressive.

Thank you Carol, you're a consumate technician, and a very nice lady..."

From Danny Spence

I wanted to write to say I received my repaired Copal shutter and I am so very pleased with your work. The aperture is so smooth now! A
fingertip is all it takes to adjust it now; before it took a heck of a lot of force. What an amazing difference. I have a few brand-new lenses I bought with Copal shutters, and this old/used shutter you worked on is indistinguishable from my new shutters now. Thank you!

From Jessica Jones

Carol at Flutot's Camera was a delight to work with.  She always responded quickly and provided updates on the progress.  The fact that she provides fast service and decent pricing for students is a wonderful bonus. 

Sending away your camera can leave you with some serious separation anxiety, but knowing it is in good hands gives you peace of mind.  I will definitely recommend Flutot's to any friends in need of camera repair, and I have made it known to the photo department at my local university, as the local repair shop here in town are nowhere near as attentive as Carol.

Thank you Flutot's!


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