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Recommended reading for those starting out (listed alphabetically by author):

The Camera, The Negative, and The Print—Ansel Adams
A History of the Photographic Lens—Rudolf Kingslake
Zone VI Workshop—Fred Picker
Using the View Camera—Steven Simmons
View Camera Technique—Leslie D. Stroebel

Also, J.B. Harlin has an informative series of books about B&W photography using the view camera.


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On-line copies of old shutter and lens catalogs can be found at Camera Eccentric.


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COPYRIGHT INFORMATION FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS The American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has a comprehensive tutorial on copyright protection.

Attorney Bert P. Krages II will walk you through the steps. He's also a photographer, so he understands your needs.

The Editorial Photographers website has a comprehensive easy to follow Copyright tutorial from it's homepage that anyone can access without becoming a member..


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FILM, PAPER, DARKROOM The Darkroom Source provides information about developing your own B&W film.

Here's an APUG thread about film development.

The Unblinking Eye contains many articles and references about emulsions, recipes, development times...

Wikipedia lists the ISO and describes the notch codes used for Kodak« sheet films.

Photon Detector's Film Data Index shows the available formats of most films and the notch codes for sheet films.

Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz also have a series of "How To" articles on their website. Here's one about maintaining and loading sheet film holders. Here's an article about processing sheet film in a Paterson Orbital tank.

Here's a Photo.net thread about loading sheet film into holders.

Would you like to hone your printmaking skills? See the Library at Darkroom Magic.


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Field Cameras of the United States: 1879-1930.

A History of The Rochester, NY Camera and Lens Companies.

Deardorff Historical Web Site.

Historical Photographic Processes: 1839 - 1910.

The Origins and History of Photography.

PhotoMuse—the collaborative website of the George Eastman House and the ICPA (International Center of Photography Alliance)—is currently under development.

Check out Dimitri's collection of vintage classics.

Shorpy's 100-Year Old Photo Blog.

Alfred Klomp's website is filled with interesting information about Russian cameras. And much more!

A history of vintage cameras.

Stereo photos and descriptions of classic cameras by Ross Alford.

AlternativePhotography.com is about historical photographic methods in use today. Learn about the art, the processes and the techniques of alternative photographic processes. Also has a chat forum.

The Conley Camera Company of Rochester, N.Y.—a history and identification guide.

If you're interested in Daguerreotypy, check out the Daguerreian Society.   Never heard of Daguerreotypy?  Learn about it here.

You can learrn about the history of Daguerreotypy (and more) at Dennis Waters's website, Fine Daguerrotypes.

There are more examples at Jason Greenberg Motameti's website.  Lots of good technical info, too.


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All About Electronic Flash from Photo Image News.

Controlling the Image—Shutter from Ted's Photographics.


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An introductory Lens Tutorial from Photo.net.

Focus, Depth of Field, and other Photo topics by Harold M. Merklinger.

To re-coat or not: Lens Recoating and Prism ReSilvering FAQ by Robert Monaghan.

Lens Faults Hierarchy, also by Robert Monaghan.

Fujinon lens unofficial information, plus lots more from Kerry's Large Format Home Page.

Introduction to Lenses for Large Format Cameras—from LFPhoto.info.

Large Format Lenses: specific wide-angle and normal lenses: Dagors, Angulons, Super Angulons, and others—from LFPhoto.info.

Discussion on longer focal length lenses (300-600mm)—also from LFPhoto.info.

More specifications from LFPhoto.info including Dagor, Ektar, Artar, and Tessar.

This one from LFPhoto.info covers soft focus lenses.

Here's a discussion thread about Rapid Rectilinear & Anastigmat lenses from the forum at LFPhoto.info.

Info About Compur, Ilex, Compound Shutters from S. K. Grimes. Includes descriptions and thread dimensions.

Specifications for Several types of Lenses from Graflex.org. Includes Schneider Super Angulon, Nikkor SW, Rodenstock Grandagon, Sinar Sinaron W, Fujinon SWD and SWDS, Calumet Caltar in various focal lengths.

Specifications for many Rodenstock Lenses from ProGraf. Includes Apo-Sironar-N, Apo-Sironar-S, Apo-Sironar-W, Apo-Macro-Sironar and Apo-Macro-Sironar-N, Apo-Grandagon, Grandagon-N, Apo-Ronar, and Imagon.

Allen Rumme has assembled a database of lens specifications.

Jim Galli compares four 8x10 lenses at various apertures: a Gundlach Meniscus 18", a Cooke 12 1/2", a Meyer Goerlitz Aristostigmat 14", and a Beach Multifocal Series A 16".

Or visit the official Rodenstock website. (Rodenstock is a division of the Linos Group Gmbh.)

f32.net lists specifications for several types by focal length.

Bruce Barrett lists specifications sorted by coverage within a lens's length.

Comparison of focal length for medium and large format cameras (compared with 35mm).

Direct to Schnieder Optics' website section on Large Format Lenses. Want to find out how old your Schneider lens is?

A bit of math, but excellent reading: Lens Design—Criteria and Considerations by Erwin Puts.

Calculator for Lens/Format Coverage from Red Hill Photography.

A collection of illustrated articles on the chief causes of image degradation from Van Walree Photography and Optics.

Christopher Perez and Kerry Thalmann test a huge selection of Large Format Lenses. Results are sorted by focal length.

Ole Tjugen compares two 90mm Angulon lenses.

Articles on lens (and camera) repair from Kar Yan Mak Photography. This site also hosts a forum for camera and lens repair.

An article about Cooke lenses from the folks at f32.net.

An article about the Cooke Triplet from the official Cooke Optics website. And another article, about the Cooke Portrait PS945 Lens.

What's the difference between Achromat, Apochromat, and Superachromat? (From Zeiss.)

Wikipedia listing for Photographic lens. Also, a discussion of Achromat, Apochromat, and Superachromat.

Interesting information about fungus on lenses.

More info about fungus (from Zeiss).

A Roger Hicks & Frances Schultz article about re-shuttering lenses.

A Primer on Petzval Portrait Lenses.


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Lens Board Hole Sizes for various shutters from LargeFormatPhotography.info.

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Information on Zeiss cameras from Mike Elik. Specifications for Zeiss Ikon cameras (anon.). Finally, Zeiss Ikon Contax cameras, lenses, and photography from John Lind.

A website dedicated to the Speed & Crown Graphics.

Here's the Brownie Camera Page.

Kodak Retinas and other 35mm cameras from Photoethnography.com.

Retina repair and more from Chris's Camera Pages.

A nice index of cameras with tips on simple repairs from Matt’s Classic Cameras.

Why doesn’t my camera work? 35mm tips.

Reviews of classic cameras by Mike Elek.

Here's a place both to learn and contribute.  Camerapedia.org is a free-content Wiki-style encyclopedia of camera information.

Mark Roberts's Pentax site.

All about Voigtlander Prominent cameras.

Matt Denton's classic rangefinders and compacts.

Did you know that Leica was investigated by British Intelligence in 1946?

More information about Antique & Classic Cameras.

Info about Rollei TLR serial numbers compiled by Peter Rongsted..

Harry Fleenor also has Rollei serial number info.

John's Rollei Only website is dedicated to—you guessed it—information about Rolleis!

There's also the International Rollei Club for info about your Rollei. Serial number to exact model cross-references and much more.

Mike's Rolleicord V Fix It Page will show you how to repair a few common problems.

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Light Measurement and Exposure Meters from Spectra Cine Light Meters.

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OTHER (Misce.)

A Photographic Glossary from Profotos.com.

K.N.A.W. (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie Wetenschappen) offers another glossary (in English).

Traveling with film? Tips from the T.S.A.

Front Mounting a Packard Ideal Shutter by Bob Fowler.

Building a Box Lens Board for the Packard by Bob Fowler.

Innards of a Packard.

Compound Shutter Sizes posted by Ole Tjugen at the LF Forum.

RTS Inc. has some good information about Copal shutters.

Adapting barrel lenses to Sinar-Copal shuttersen Franšais.

David Richert (with Mike Kovacs) shows how to CLA a Dial-set Compur. They also show how to rebuild and repair.a number of different cameras.

Need to repair an Olympus Trip 35?

An Apug thread—how to clean your Ground Glass.

Here's an article about making your own ground glass. From Dokas Photos.

Ever wonder about the difference between f/stops and T-stops? This APUG thread explains it.

Here's another APUG thread—this one's about focal length versus format.

Here's a Photo.net thread about converting modern shutter speed information to the older shutters with different settings. Here's another thread.

f32.net, a large format photography site with a lot of good information.

Simple (video) explanation of view camera focusing (using the Scheimpflug principle) from the Art Institute of Colorado

How to test focusing.

Here's a handy Zone System "cheat sheet" chart from the University of Oregon.

A good explanation of the Zone System from Cicada.

A little of everything photographic from Ted's Photographics.

How to re-spool 120 film to a 620 spool.

On-line Magazine—PHOTO Techniques.

A print magazine dedicated to the art of B&W photography.

You'll find a series of "how-to" articles at Paul Butzi's website. There's everything from how to load a film holder to darkroom work to digital printing. Scroll down. For example, here's a comparison of Polaroid, Kodak, and Fuji packet films and packet film holders.

LFPhoto.info also has a great series of "how-to" articles about large format cameras.

Sun and Moon calculator—positions, rise and set times...

Another calculator. This one from the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration. Azimuth is measured from True North, so you'll have to correct for magnetic variation if you use a magnetic compass.

Correcting for film reciprocity failure from Lunar Light Photography.

More info from Silvergrain.org about reciprocity law failure.

Now you're ready to photograph a total eclipse of the moon. Also, check out his home page for more info on shooting eclipses.

Info about Pinhole cameras from Guillermo Pe˝ate.

Shooting at -60░F (with wind chill) and hurricane force winds.

Rick Oleson's Tech Notes. A potpourri of information on repairing mechanical cameras, shutters, lenses, and more. Great illustrations and humor, too!

Ed Romney's Camera Repair Secrets. Ed is the author of many books about cameras and camera repair.

More info about batteries than any photographer wants to know!

Substitutes for mercury batteries.

News, reviews, technique articles and more at Shutterbug.

Articles about Lith printing are at LithPrint, Dogbone, and Marco Pauck's website.

Articles about techniques, books, instructional videos and much, much more can be found at The Luminous Landscape.


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ACE (All Camera Equipment) Index .

Fargo Enterprises' links to manufacturers.


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PERMITS AND "PHOTOGRAPHER'S RIGHTS" ISSUES PhotoPermit.org has links to websites with information about permits. There is also a forum discussion.

Download a copy of The Photographers Right (PDF) from Attorney Krages's website.

The LargeFormatPhotography.info website has articles on permit requirements in general and regarding U.S. National Parks and other federal land specifically.

The State of California makes a distinction between personal and commercial photography in its State Parks.


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PHOTOGRAPHY FORUMS Photo.net forums for all things photographic.

Large Format Photography Forum for LF users.

Analog Photography Users Group for film users only!

View Camera Magazine's Forum.

Exakta Camera Communication Center.

Cafe ILFOPRO for users of Ilford products.

Rangefinder Forum.

The Classic Camera Repair Forum at kyphoto.com.

The Photo Forum covers it all.

f295 is devoted to lensless photography and alternative processes.

AlternativePhotography.com also has a forum for alternative processes.

Share pictures and ideas at Wide Open.



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