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Links to the National Parks in the West—Kerry L. Thalmann Photography.

Look For Tomorrow, an original song by Carol's sister, Pamela Ament.

Beauty& Poetry—Scott Bacon Photography.

Jansen Gunderson's Wyoming Landscape Photography.

Share photos, ideas... at Wide Open, Jonathan Brewer's website for those who like to shoot... wide open.

Nice Photos & Links: Nature Photographers online magazine.

Extreme weather test… Brr-r-r-r-r-r-r: Layton Camera.

Fallen Heros Memorial is an online memorial for America's service members who gave their lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Wondrous Auroras—Dennis Mammana's SkyScapes.

Just one of Carol's favorites: Webshots.

Beautifully refurbished LF cameras by Juegen Sattler on eBay.

Carol's listing on eBay.

Dagor77 on eBay.

Need an on-line Dictionary? There's also a thesaurus.

Where to find wildflowers and Fall colors in California.

Humorous reviews of Junk Store Cameras by Marcy Merrill.

Goat Cheese Making site: Chevre Feuille.

The definitive guide to all things chocolate—cocoa + co.

Mary's Free Range Turkeys—not just for Thanksgiving!

Meats, poultry, seafood, beans, rice, jams and more from Heritage Foods USA.

Local Harvest will show you where to find farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area.

See's Candies—chocolates and more!

L'Internaute has cartes virtuelles.

If you don't speak French, Babel Fish language translations can tell you what L'Internaute means.

So can Google.

The IWS (Institute for Wildlife Studies) has an Eagle Cam project— live video feeds from bald eagle nests.

Andrew Marks (Carol's friend, piano tuner, and a great pianist).

Another fun use for your GPS.

Remove your name from the "pre-approved credit" mailing lists.

The Consumers Union advocacy site—lobby for tough legislation regarding identity theft.

One free credit report each year from each of the major credit bureaus.

A real large format camera!

Carol's new favorite author, Michael Graves, is a fellow photographer. Check out his book Assault on Christian Island—you can find it here.

He also has a short story available on Amazon.com.

Carol's friend Barbara Metzger is a vocalist.

Carol's friend makes custom keepsake shadowbox displays. A Klassy Gift (that's "Klassy" with a "K") is a wonderful momento for a wedding, graduation, new baby, anniversary, special birthday, retirement,  honeymoon, family reunion, class reunion... any special occassion.  Take a look.  They're beautiful!

Check emails for truth, so you stop sending me bogus emails!

Rising and setting of major solar system bodies.

What's that light in the sky? All about atmospheric optics.

Harvest Moon.

What's that bug?

State abbreviations.


- Travel info at Take Me Fishing
- Fishing et cetera at Recreation.gov
- Cabela's—"World's Foremost Outfitter"
- Big Fish Tackle—fishing resource center and online anglers community

Phil Kember—Death Valley information, including tips on best time and locations.

What to do about scams and frauds.How to recognize them, how to avoid them...

For fun... how to photograph a lunar rainbow (moonbow). See Brent Gilstrap's stunning Moonbow And Reflection At Yosemite Falls (scroll down). Also, Don Olson (Texas State University) posts a schedule for moonbows over Yosemite.

Every cat has a webpage at Catster.

Expert pet information from Drs. Foster and Smith.

A medical encyclopedia from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.

WebWhispers can answer your questions about larynx or other throat cancers, Barrett's Syndrome, etc.

For all things Irish, there's the Irish Import Shop. Apparel, jewelry, and much more.

Planes of Fame restores historical aircraft to flying condition. They have a museum, put on air shows, and more! Bring plenty of film!

Pablo Martinez Diaz likes to restore and repair antique furniture and mechanical stuff, like cameras. And mopeds. And typewriters, calculators, toy trains...

In case you ever want to send a virtual postcard.

Apply for a federal (U.S.) trademark for your business name here.

Some folks at LFPhoto.info have gotten together to publish A Larger View, a collection of their photographs. Very clever back cover!


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OTHER GOOD LINK PAGES f32.net's links page.

Norman E. Riley Photography also has a great links page.


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WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS Interested in Historical Processes in California?

The New Mexico Photography Field School.

International Center of Photography, located in New York.

International Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, ME.

Film Photography Workshops for lith printing (and much more) in Dublin.

Online courses are available at BetterPhoto.

Laszlo Perlaky and his wife, Lexi, run the Naturalperl Sunrise and Sunset Workshops.

Roger Hicks and Frances Schultz also have a series of on-line photo courses. Many are free. All are excellent.

The Don Cameron Workshops in Santa Cruz, CA.

Per Volquartz offers workshops in many Western locations.

Circle of the Sun Productions—instructional videos by Richard Ritter, articles by Bruce Barlow, and more. Also, check out their Fine Focus Workshops.

In Mississippi, there's Ron Cole's Workshops in B&W large format photography.

Workshops, photographs, gallery installation services, and more from Michael P. Berman.

Texas artist and photographer Les Warren offers Workshops in Mexico.

If you're shooting in the Southwestern U.S., check out Tom Phillips's Monument Valley Tours.

Atul Mohideker is the founder and organizer of a LF meetup group in the Bay Area.

OpenColleges offers on-line classes in Design and Digital Photography.

The Australian College of Journalism also offers courses in freelance photography.



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